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Wednesday Wrap – Who, What, When, Where

So what’s a freelancer to do when a gig dries up?

Tom Richmond says you suck it up and look for new clients, like always.


How do YOU keep yourself occupied for 7 hours while running a marathon?

Liza Donnelly draws what she sees.


What was the first comic strip robot?

Steve Carper, who literally wrote the book on robots, has the answer.


Who gets fired for political cartoons by students?

The eighth grade teacher who created the assignment.


Are you prepared to take over the All New Peanuts?

If it happens Adam Koford is ready with samples. (You gotta scroll his Twitter.)


Where does one go to hear Bob Mankoff lecture on The Life and Art of Mary Petty?

The Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College, on Sunday, November 10 at 3 p.m.


Who was the

Dr. Susan Kirtley!


So you want more laughs like the Adam Koford link above?

Okay, here’s a Ben Zaehringer Berkeley Mews (dark) gallery by way of Bored Panda.


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