Speaking of Jules Feiffer…

Robb McAllister noted in a comment here earlier today that the 1974
Jules Feiffer book FEIFFER ON NIXON is featured on Mike Lynch’s blog.

Mike Lynch notes that after nearly fifty years, the times they aren’t really a’changin’.

In a bit of synchronicity the New Orleans Times-Picayune has a feature story about Jules today.

His age has made some things harder for him, but not his art. His eyesight is worsening, so much so that it’s hard for him to read now, but he can still see to draw. He’s deaf enough that he has had to forgo one of his great loves, the theater, because he can’t reliably hear what’s said.

Where his work is concerned, though, “I think everything has gotten better. I’m in a happier time than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m free to do whatever I please.”

Alex Rawls, for the Times-Picayune, discusses Feiffer’s work with Jules and Michael Tisserand; especially his tenure at The Village voice where the Feiffer strip was revolutionary in both content and structure.

Also mentioned is Jules current work at Tablet:

“I wanted this work for Tablet to be kind of a summing up,” [Jules] said by phone. “It would be personal with touches of autobiography that I never did with the weekly strip.”

While his work for Tablet has seemly slowed from monthly to special occasions (Spring naturally, Independence Day, and most recently Halloween); some Feiifer is better than no Feiffer.

So why is a paper in New Orleans going on about Jules Feiffer?

Because he will be making an appearance there Saturday November 9, 2019.

Feiffer will be in New Orleans on Saturday (Nov. 9) for a conversation with New Orleans comics historian Michael Tisserand at Tulane’s Freeman Auditorium as part of the Improv Festival. The booking makes sense because improvisation is central to his work. He describes his autobiographical turn as “an unconscious conscious choice,” and explains, “at the moment I stop using my brain and let something else take over, I’m in a good place.”

Be like Mike. Go see Jules Feiffer.


November 5, 2019 Update

NOLA.com has noted:

Cartoonist Jules Feiffer has canceled his appearance at the Improv Conference New Orleans this weekend, the improv organization announced on its website Tuesday.

Feiffer was scheduled to be interviewed Saturday by New Orleans author Michael Tisserand during a session titled “Improv and the Comics: Jules Feiffer in Conversation.”

Tisserand tweeted that a medical issue will prevent the artist from coming to New Orleans.

I, as I’m sure does everyone, wish only the best for Mr. Feiffer.