“Shame On You” and Other Letters to the Editor

Newspaper readers are not happy with newspaper cartoonists.


“I was shocked and dismayed”

Bruce Plante

Our police department protects its citizens each and every day and night. Officers’ lives are on the line. They are dedicated to this service, or they would not be serving.

By publishing this cartoon, you are making fun of our entire police force and its leaders. Shame on you.



“time to back off a tad”

Adam Zyglis

Anything negative that anyone says or puts into print about President Trump is immediately put into a cartoon whether it is true or not.



“a new low and without merit”

Matt Wuerker

The media is failing the American people in its responsibility to serve as a “watchdog.” Fairness and truth have been usurped by innuendo and bias.



“old enough to know better”

David Fitzsimmons

Unlike the pathetic and apathetic caricatures in the cartoon young people today are aware, active and angry about the perilous world they are inheriting from their elders.



“totally misleading”

Tim Newcomb

I am 79 years old and take CBD capsules regularly to help my chronic pain and help me sleep. I do NOT use it to see brighter fall colors or eat excessively.



“what a disservice to the public”

Dana Summers

The Independent is tasked with providing current and fact-checked information. Sure it’s just a “cartoon” but according to the Library of Congress, “Their main purpose (editorial cartoons) is not to amuse you but to persuade you.”