A MAD World for How Much Longer?

MAD Magazine #10, the last (for now) all-new issue, will soon hit the stands.

Bloody-Disgusting.com previews the MAD #10 cover,
and Sergio Aragonés’ A MAD Look at Alfred Hitchcock Movies.

As mentioned this is the last ALL-NEW issue of MAD.

Tom Richmond expands:

There are a lot of rumors going around that MAD is ceasing publication after this issue. That is false, or at least incorrect if your definition of “publication” is that a magazine with the title “MAD” on it is going to be printed and available to purchase/read. That is most definitely going to be the case. There will be a MAD #11 out in December, and so on.

However, this IS the last issue of MAD that will feature all new content in it. My understanding is each issue starting with #11 will have a new cover, a new Sergio’s “A MAD Look at…”, and new Spy vs. Spy, plus maybe another new piece or two of some kind, but the majority of the contents will be reprints [emphasis added] of classic material. #11 will feature the “MAD 20” which will presumably be all new stuff.

Read as Tom Richmond explains the current MAD game plan;
and a hat-tip to Tom for that opening Bloody-Disgusting link.