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Hey Kids! Comics! A Good Harvest Moon Crop

Here are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for September 2019 release.
Images and links (mostly) via Amazon,
though ordering through your local comic book shop is a good idea.


Snug Harbor Stories: A Wallace the Brave Collection!



Silly Symphonies Volume 4: The Complete Disney Classics 1942-1945 (the last volume)



Pickles Tails: The Hijinks of Muffin & Roscoe



Futurism: Cartoons from Tomorrow



The Peanuts Poster Book



In the Garden with the Totterings



How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems



Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949



Rusty Brown



A Mile and a Half of Lines: The Art of James Thurber (paperback)



Giles The Collection 2020



Cartoons for the Irreverent



Big Nate: Back to Back Hits: On a Roll and Goes for Broke



I Know What I Am



The Norm 4.0



Born to Draw Comics



And a straggler from last month (why correspondents get gray):

Hoo-Hah! Presents: Out Our Way The Poetry of J. R. Williams
a behind-the-scenes peek




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