Mutts: 25 Years of Art and Gentle Humor


September 5, 1994:


25 Years Later:


Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts celebrates its Silver Anniversary today.

The very popular comic strip has been made famous due to its glorious comic art and its gentle loving humor. From a Huffington Post item two years ago:

[Patrick] explains how in the midst of the wisdom and whimsy of each “Mutts” comic is one central theme that has continued to inspire him.

“I always compare comic strips to poetry,” he says. “It’s really about getting to the essence of something. You have so little space — so little room to tell your stories — that you really have to pare it down to what’s essential.“

Patrick’s handiwork can be enjoyed daily at the Comics Kingdom Mutts page.

That first Mutts strip comes courtesy of Tom Heintjes and Hogan’s Alley,
where Tom posted the first four daily Mutts strips.