A Conspiracy of Cartoonists

Mike Thompson – from early this year.

Let’s play the game…


Clay Jones


Gary McCoy


Clay Bennett


A. F. Branco


Michael de Adder


There were no recordings. The guards weren’t watching. Someone wanted Epstein dead, or at least removed and disappeared. The photo of the body at the hospital didn’t look like Epstein—not exactly. This is the kind of event that spawns ‘conspiracy theories,’ which are now equated with terrorism by the censorious ‘authorities.’

Ben Garrison

doubles down on Epstein suiciding under the Trump DOJ watch being The Clintons doing:

Bill and Hillary escape justice once again. What a surprise! Bill flew dozens of times with his buddy Epstein on the Lolita Express to Pedo Island where he undoubtedly dabbled with kidnapped children. If the Clintons were behind the friend’s suicide, then their body trail has grown still longer. They’ll never be locked up—ever. There is no equal justice in America. It’s gone. Poof. Up in smoke.

Epstein may not even be dead. They may have switched bodies. Jeffrey could be on another island or in Israel right now. He’ll no doubt resume his fetish for under-aged girls along with his masters and colleagues.

We’ll never know for sure what happened, but my guess is we’ll be told that yes indeed he committed suicide. The lack of a guard or surveillance camera? All coincidences. If we don’t believe it, we’ll be called conspiracy theorists while the story gets buried by the corporate propaganda media.



Jim Morin