Highlights Stands Up For Immigrant Children


Highlights, the magazine for young children, has issued a statement concerning the conditions under which immigrant children are suffering as they are detained by the United States.

At Highlights, our core belief is that children are the world’s most important people. In light of the reports of the living conditions of detained children & threats of further deportation & family separation, here is a statement from our CEO Kent Johnson.



While most of the news reports headline that Highlights denounces Trump Administration policies, Highlights For Children CEO Kent Johnson makes it clear he doesn’t give a r*t’s *ss about the politics. It’s all about the children.


This particular magazine plea for the humane treatment of children is noted here because of the magazine’s consistant use of cartoonist’s comics and illustrations.



At the moment the entirety of the U. S. government is being Goofus as they posture for political gain, it is time for them to be Gallant and care for the children.

More opinions on this matter are at Mike Peterson’s post of earlier today.