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Skip Morrow – RIP


Cartoonist and musician Skip Morrow has passed away.



Dennis B. (Skip) Morrow
circa 1951 – May 28, 2019

cartoonist, illustrator, musician

From the obituary:

All the while, he loved to sketch. His art mostly consisted of cartoons, although he was talented in several mediums. In 1974, while still playing music on the Cape in the summers, he went to Mount Snow to find a gig playing music in the winter and became the resident musician at Snow Lake Lodge for five years. Later, he began playing at The Silo, performing with The Duck Tones and other local musicians. In 1980, he published the New York Times bestseller, “The Official I Hate Cats Book,” which launched his full-time career as an illustrator. Mr. Morrow went on to become an accomplished illustrator. He published many other books, calendars, and greeting cards, and did commissioned and freelance work for numerous corporations both locally and globally.


In 1981 Skip’s The Second Official I Hate Cats Book also became a New York Times bestseller, this while his first book was still on the list. Giving the newly emerged cartoonist two books on the bestseller list at the same time.


Chris Mays, at the Bennington Banner, profiles Skip:

“He was a good friend to everybody,” Henry said. “He was a very kind, sensitive person, extremely creative, always coming up with a different angle or a different perspective on things, which is what kinda set apart his cartoons.”

Morrow has published other books, calendars and greeting cards. He was commissioned for advertising jobs, helping with logos and artwork including those used for the MOOver, Strolling of the Heifers, KidsPLAYce, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital clambake and Mount Snow.



Enjoy Skip’s humor at his website.

David Wasting Paper interviews Skip about cartooning tools and craft.

Another Skip profile, this from 2015 Berkshire Eagle.



An entertaining half-hour interview from PBS.

Skip Morrow books at Amazon.








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