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Moderately Confused Dropped – “Inappropriate”

The Galveston Daily News has dropped Jeff Stahler‘s daily Moderately Confused
panel immediately, replacing it with Mark Parisi’s Off The Mark panel.

The comic strip “Moderately Confused” appearing on page B5 of Monday’s [May 20, 2019] edition was, as several readers pointed out, inappropriate, in bad taste and not funny.

The content of that strip was especially unfortunate given the timing, but would have been unacceptable on any day of any week of any month.


Jeff Stahler, an editorial cartoonist, may have blurred the lines between political and gag cartoons.
On the other hand not all daily strips and panels need to be funny every day (despite the public’s common mindset), and perhaps Jeff was trying to drive home a point in his other setting.

The Daily News continues:

The editors Monday contacted the Andrews McMeel Syndication service, from which we purchase content for the comics content, and arranged to replace “Moderately Confused” with another strip called “Off the Mark.” That change went into effect Tuesday.

The editors apologize for any added pain that strip caused among our readers.

The Galveston Daily News apology.


For the record, today’s Off The Mark:



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