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Jack Davis as Sports Cartoonist



If you happened to grow up in America in the 1960s, 70s or 80s, you’ve no doubt seen the work of artist Jack Davis. Best known for his work on MAD Magazine, Davis’ art permeated American pop culture in so many ways, it’s arguable that he was at one point the country’s most well-known artist. Over the course of a more than 60 year career, Davis’ illustrations appeared on or in countless magazines, comic books, movie posters, ads – even on the backs of baseball cards.



As Jimmy Parker states above, Jack Davis’s career took his art into every possible arena of illustration. Add book and record covers, gag cartooning, entertainment programs, a United States postage stamp, and more to what Jimmy listed above.



Sports cartooning was always a favorite subject of Jack Davis.
Jimmy Parker follows the sports thread through Jack’s long career.






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