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New Local Comic: “On the Avenue”



Philadelphia attorney Joe Dworetzky went west to begin a new career in the creative arts. One of his new career choices was cartoonist, becoming a regular in The Stanford Daily with political cartoons.

Now he has become a bicoastal resident and a bicoastal cartoonist.

Today, we introduce a new cartoon and cartoonist to the fold of the Chestnut Hill Local: “On the Avenue” by Joe Dworetzky.

His new weekly panel has begun appearing in the Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia) Local.

On the Avenue
by Joe Dworetzky
?May 9?, 2019* –
weekly panel
Chestnut Hill Local

*A couple of assumptions on my part:
It is never actually stated that the panel is appearing in the weekly (Thursdays) print edition,
and I am not positive that if it is in print that the May 9th edition was the debut of the panel.




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