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Mark Alan Stamaty Returns to MacDoodle St.

A new edition of the 1980 collection MacDoodle St. by Mark Alan Stamaty
is being released with an added 24 pages including

a brand-new, twenty-page autobiographical comic by Stamaty explaining what happened next and why MacDoodle St. never returned, in a unique, funny, and poignant look at the struggles and joys of being an artist.

When I started doing MacDoodle St., I had been doing children’s books mostly at that point and I wanted to really play with the form as loosely as I could. I wanted to innovate, I wanted to hopefully bring something to it that I hadn’t seen, that I didn’t know. So it was really like, this is a great form, what else can it be?
Mark Alan sits down with Tobias Carroll, for Bedford & Bowery, to reminisce about MacDoodle St., his career, the good ol’ days of an affordable New York City, and more.

In the addendum, you talk about having a conversation, after you finished MacDoodle St., with Jules Feiffer–

Yes, I can tell the exact words I said. Jules said, “These new strips you’re doing, this new work you’re doing, is very brave.” He was complimenting me on it.

And I said to him, “I feel like I’m destroying my career.” And Jules said, “That’s how you should feel every time you sit down to your drawing board.”





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