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It’s the Editorial Cartoonist’s Life For Me


The dust-up with Mehgan McCain has raised Eli Valley‘s visibility.

In an interview at Popula Eli establishes his Jewish bona fides vis-a-vis Mehgan and dicusses the politics of Israel in the U.S.

First of all, I had no idea that Meghan McCain is Jewish. What’s the story behind that?
It’s been fascinating just from the point of view of how satire becomes reality. It’s an old story, reality eclipsing satire.

We’ve already established that Meghan McCain is Jewish. Are you Jewish?
By her standard, no. But I consider myself Jewish.

Raw Story also talked to Eli:

Tana Ganeva: So you’re used to getting yelled at by Alan Dershowitz. Megan McCain is kind of next level in terms of her prominence. Compare and contrast!
Eli Valley: That’s interesting because I don’t consider the difference in terms of prominence. I consider the difference in terms of sort of intra-communal debate and disdain on the one hand, versus someone from national politics, not accustomed to Jewish internecine warfare, suddenly entering the fray.

Tana Ganeva: Are you going to make up with Megan McCain?
Eli Valley: Honestly I don’t really think I’m on her radar. When I say that I’ll go on The View, it’s a joke, because it’s out of the realm of reality.



Jack Ohman‘s visibility is rising too.

The Citizen’s Hotel in Sacramento California is now offering a Caricature Package.

If you like political cartoons, the Citizen is already the hotel for you, with nearly all the art in the lobby and guest rooms pulled from the work of local cartoonists. Now, they’re turning up their offerings for editorial enthusiasts with the “Caricature Package,” featuring sketches hand drawn by The Bee’s own political cartoonist, Jack Ohman.

Ohman serves as the hotel’s artist-in-residence, who Citizen Hotel Director of Sales and Marketing Toby Valdez said was “next in line” for the proverbial throne. The hotel prominently features art from Rex Babin and Newton Pratt, two former Bee cartoonists.

The full “Caricature Package” includes a night of deluxe accommodations, one original caricature for up to two people by Ohman, a $25 gift card to Ohman’s favorite Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop and a copy of “The Sting of the Bee: 125 Years of Editorial Cartoons from The Sacramento Bee, 1857-1982”. The hotel also includes in-room brunch for two, overnight valet parking and wifi in the package.

The Sacramento Bee has more about this unique hotel and offer.



Rob Rogers gets more exposure.

“Drawing a Line: A Conversation with Rob Rogers”

Award-winning editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers, who worked a quarter century at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before being fired last year after the paper’s editorial director refused to publish several of his cartoons, will discuss journalism ethics during a free public lecture in late March on Penn State’s University Park campus.

Rogers, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, will present “Drawing a Line: A Conversation with Rob Rogers,” at 7 p.m. March 26 in Kern Auditorium.

Penn State University has details.




“the most vile, vicious cartoonist in the ranks of a whole boatload of similar wretches”

Mike Luckovich gets too much exposure?

The cartoon depicted President Donald Trump looking through binoculars and saying he detected a problem at the border, while piles of dead bodies from mass shootings covered the ground behind him.

First and foremost, I deplore the shootings as much as anyone, but there is a topsy-turvy juxtaposition of just pure facts that I must address.

You can find all kinds of answers when fact-checking anything, but you cannot find any verifiable facts that say more people are killed annually in mass shootings than by illegal aliens. You just can’t.

More of the letter at The Lewiston Tribune (second letter from top).



“this tasteless, absurd cartoon.”

A Purple Heart represents a combat death or wound in combat, which are much more serious events than sexual offenses. A Purple Heart recipient is either dead or combat-wounded, which is no comparison to those suffering sexual offenses outside of combat.

A Marine takes exception to a David Fitzsimmons editorial.



“Charlie helped me figure out what I want to be when I grow up”

I met Charlie my sophomore year in college. He took the time to meet with me when I had an assignment for a speech class I was taking. I had to give a speech about what I wanted to do when I grew up. He helped me launch my career and has been a valuable mentor and friend ever since. He and his wife Patsy are like second parents. I will forever be grateful to them for all they have done for me and my family.

Marshall Ramsey wanted to be an editorial cartoonist, Charlie Daniels helped.

“The Mentor” is Marshall’s appreciation of Charlie.



If you want to grow up to be an editorial cartoonist like Marshall Ramsey, David Fitzsimmons may help.

You may have noticed that from time to time we run guest cartoons drawn and submitted by readers of The Arizona Daily Star. I call them “Cartoons to the Editor” because they are akin to letters to the editor.

Some of us express our political opinions with a drawing far better than we can with words. In the past we’ve published many guest cartoonists, including the talented Robert Swaim and Michael Rule. And we’d like to publish more…

Thousands of readers will see your cartoon. And hopefully a fair number will want to write a letter to the editor complaining about your cartoon. There’s no greater measure of success.

If you think you might want to try your hand at it I want you to know we’re sticklers about our criteria for what makes a good editorial cartoon, so pay attention.

David explains what he and The Daily Star are looking for in the way of editorial cartoons if you think that may be what lies in your future.





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#1 Brian Fies
@ 8:20 am

I stayed at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento last year. It’s a nice old building that, though refurbished, still has antique charm, and it’s a block from the state Capitol. The Citizen already leans very heavily into its editorial cartoon identity, with two or three prints hanging in every room and snappy political quotes painted inside the elevators. I love the idea of the Caricature Package, though I can just imagine Ohman grumbling every time he has to drive over to sketch some tourist in the lobby.

Rob Rogers is making the most of his status as a fired editorial cartoonist, and good for him. He deserves it. I’ve seen him talk, and he’s a good, interesting speaker.

I think ALL statistics would confirm that tens of thousands more Americans are killed by gun violence than illegal aliens, but you’d have to open your eyes to read them.

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