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So Much To Do

A collection of comic strip items gleaned from the news.


Attention all NCS members!

The voting page for the NCS Reuben Division Awards is now live and waiting for you to cast your votes! As an NCS member, this is an extremely important function for you to perform. Our awards only accurately reflect the best of our industry when everyone takes the time to examine the choices and vote.

There are five divisions to vote on this year. All of these divisions were juried by regional NCS chapters and the results were tallied to arrive at these final nominees. The remaining eleven divisions were all juried by specialty juries and their results will be announced when this online voting process is finished.

Voting closes on Friday, March 15th.



We’re launching new strips in our four-page weekly comics section starting with this Saturday’s Journal Gazette/Times-Courier.

In May, we published a special 48-page section called “Bubbles” with the works of talented cartoonists from across the industry. We surveyed subscribers about what ones they liked.

That feedback was important as we developed our new Saturday line-up, which will now include favorites “Dustin” and “Marmaduke.”

Also joining us are three entirely new comics in the Journal Gazette/Times-Courier: Rubes, Macanudo, and Off the Mark.



Comic Strip Cartoonist #10 is at the printers!
If you want a hard copy you had better order quickly.



What’s Going On In Alley Oop? What are the new writer and artist doing to Alley Oop?
Joseph Nebus brings us up-to-date with what Sayers and Lemon have done to Alley Oop.



The Brattleboro Reformer introduced four new daily cartoons with Monday’s edition.

Nancy, Daddy Daze, Macanudo, and Loose Parts join the reformed comics page.

To make way for these new comic strips in our Monday through Saturday pages, we’ll be retiring “Blondie,” “Doonesbury” (which has been in repeats), “Ernest and Frank” and “Flying McCoys.”

In the Weekend Puzzles and Games’ comics pages, we’ll be retiring “Luann,” “Non Sequitur,” “Hi & Lois” and “Rose Is Rose” to make way for the weekend versions of “Nancy,” “Daddy Daze,” “Loose Nuts”(sic) and “Macanudo .”

The Sunday “Blondie” will remain, as will the Sunday “Doonesbury,” which is not in reruns.



The often-funny Pearls Before Swine comic strip with its “Great Bunny of Wisdom” wish speaks specifically to our crazy political world. The fights in the church world, particularly the UMC one, nearly perfectly mirror the ones in the political world. The essential message slammed me in the face. 

Christy Thomas, the Thoughtful Pastor, argues that there IS a Great Bunny of Wisdom.



The iconic “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith” comic strip celebrates its 100th birthday this year. In celebration, the Special Collections Speaker Series welcomes JMU alum and award-winning cartoonist John Rose (’86). Rose became the strip’s full-time cartoonist in 2001 after working alongside cartooning legend Fred Lasswell as an inking assistant. Rose will discuss the history of the comic strip and share his experiences as a local cartoonist.

A John Rose event on March 14th, 2019 in Harrisburg, Va.





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