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“Sailor Bob” Griggs – RIP


Cartooning children’s show host ‘Sailor Bob’ Griggs has passed away.

Robert Thomas (Bob) Griggs (aka Sailor Bob)
November 21, 1933 – February 20, 2019


A generation of Virginians living within reception distance of WRVA-TV
in Richmond grew up on Popeye cartoons presented by Sailor Bob.

The character was created in 1959 for the sole purpose of introducing Popeye cartoons — and filling up the time between them — but in short order Sailor Bob became the real star of the show as far as kids were concerned, bantering with puppet pals like Gilly Gull (a wise-cracking seagull who flew a plane and wore an old-style flier’s cap and goggles), Mr Mouse, Bluebird and Sterling the Sea Serpent, showing off pictures drawn by young viewers and cranking out sketches as music played in the background.

The Sailor Bob Story.











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