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FYI: ‘How To Cat’ Not For Print Syndication


I’m sure most of you, like me, regularly check the various print syndication homepages to see what, if anything, is new. So I naturally got excited when I checked in on the Andrews McMeel Syndication site and noticed a new listing: Lucas Turnbloom’s “How to Cat.”



So I sent a request to the syndicate asking when the new comic strip would be appearing
in newspapers. They were kind enough to reply, but with the disappointing note that the
addition was an error and How to Cat is not for print syndication.

Cartoonist Lucas Turnbloom created the new comic strip last year and this week it began running on Gocomics. Apparently during the process of getting it set up they also mistakenly put it on the AMS site. So How to Cat, at least for the present, will not be appearing in your local newspaper.
But who knows what the future holds?





Community Comments

#1 Brian Fies
@ 10:26 am

Whatever comes of it, I’m thrilled for Lucas, who’s one of the good guys–especially since How To Cat began as a personal project he just did to entertain himself before people found it and it hit big, which I think is the best kind of success there it.

#2 Brian Fies
@ 10:27 am

…”there is,” not “there it.” Sigh.

#3 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 3:25 pm

Hey, thanks Brian!! I appreciate that!

#4 michael shonk
@ 9:58 pm

Just saw on the gocomics comics directory it listed PHOEBE & HER UNICORN as a webcomic. I thought it was in print.

#5 Denny Lien
@ 8:38 am

I believe the former HEAVENLY NOSTRILS was a web-only comic, and that it changed its name to PHOEBE AND HER UNICORN when it began to appear also in print newspapers (or at least when it decided it hoped it would soon be doing so), as the current name was more descriptive and commercial.

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