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It’s Not All Doom for Political Cartoonists


Heeeee’s Back!

Mike Marland, who spent part of 2017 with InDepthNH, the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, has returned to that watchdog group as a regular contributor.



The State of the Art

The header of this post comes from Rod Emmerson‘s essay on the state of editorial cartooning.

So here we are, at the dawn of a new year, gazing at a distant 2020. What satirical ventures pave us to the horizon? I asked some of the world’s leading political cartoonists to gaze towards 2020 with a prediction of what lies ahead for them locally and globally.

New Zealand cartoonist Rod Emmerson examines the present, and possible future, circumstances of political cartooning. Naturally President Trump and Brexit are the leading topics, but he also touches on such related things as Daryl Cagle adjustments to Middle America’s fondness for Trump and the Gannett layoffs. He does go beyond America to Europe, South Africa, and Australia.



Steve Kelley, Pros and Cons

Conservative Pittsburgh radio personality Wendy Bell loves her some Steve Kelley.

“What makes my subscription to the Post-Gazette worthwhile to me is the cartoonist Steve Kelley,” said Bell. “He’s dynamite. His things are hilarious.”

Across town, and the political divide, the Pittsburgh City Paper disagrees.



Charlie Daniel Enters The Congressional Record, Again

Another Tennessee Congressman extols the virtues of Charlie Daniel.



Ben Garrison’s AOC Cartoon “Blows Up Twitter”

Internet Culture site The Daily Dot reports that a recent
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cartoon by Ben Garrison has gone viral.


Garrison’s cartoons are often provocative, even polarizing. Most recently, a caricature he drew of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has gone viral over social media, sparking widely different reactions among its viewers, including accusations of racism and sexism.

The AOC cartoon prompted to list some controversies surrounding Ben.



North of the Border the Depiction of Another Woman Politician is Controversial

…what has people most upset is the depiction of Wilson-Raybould tied and gagged.

Michael de Adder’s cartoon with former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould
in a bondage situation is receiving some backlash.



Remember When: The Charles Brooks Story

“As his interest in political cartoon art grew, Brooks left Birmingham-Southern to study at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts with Chicago Daily News cartoonist Vaughn Shoemaker, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. After serving in the military during World War II as a demolitions expert and road builder on the beaches of Normandy at D-Day and later the Battle of the Bulge, Brooks worked drawing gag-cartoons for a Chicago advertising agency. In 1948 he returned to Alabama and was hired by The Birmingham News as the paper’s first editorial cartoonist.”

Sue Wilson, for the Andalusia Star News, remembers and profiles local boy made good: editorial cartoonist Charles Brooks (1920-2011). Not noted is what immediately comes to my mind when Mr. Brooks name is mentioned: his long running book series Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year.



Hey, What the Hell Happened to Lee Judge?

Lee writes:

OK, if you’re a follower of this site I couldn’t blame you if you were disappointed in me; it could be worse, just imagine how my wife feels.

When I got laid off at the Kansas City Star in December of 2017 I created this website or blog or whatever you want to call it because I wanted to continue writing about baseball.

 Lee Judge’s political cartoons continue to be syndicated by King Features.

A while back he started a blog about baseball, another of his loves.

It turns out big league baseball teams won’t let you start a blog and then hand you a press pass, which is smart; otherwise we’d all start blogs and get what amounts to the best season ticket in the world.

That explains why this blog went semi-dark last season.

Now, with spring training around the corner, he is reinvesting himself in the blog.

So new policy: I will continue to write about baseball and post links here, but if I have something else I want to get off my chest I’ll write about that as well. No schedule, in mind, but I’ve discovered it’s really good for writers to write. The more you do it, the better you get.

A fun read about avoiding “old people shit.”








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