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Journal Sentinel Comics Revert to Own Section

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has made some changes to its Sunday edition.

Today, I’m happy to report, we’re answering requests from subscribers to stop jumping stories backward from the last pages of two Sunday sections. Over the years, we’d dealt with some press and cost issues by combining sections in a way that irritated many readers. Travel and Comics started on the back pages of two sections and jumped inward, in reverse of the normal flow.

We’ve reconfigured our sections, so there will be no more operating backwards in the Sunday Journal Sentinel.

Comics once again stand alone.


Two years ago the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s
Sunday comics section became a part of their “Fresh” section.

Changes in today’s paper reflect the most recent choices we’ve had to make:

Our Sunday Fresh and Comics sections have been combined, with Fresh in front and Comics in back. Our weekly “At Home” decorating feature will now appear every other Sunday, alternating with the “Fresh Ideas” column of home improvement tips. We’ve kept all the puzzles but cut four comics.

It is a choice some other newspapers have made to save money.
Though I certainly wouldn’t call the comics part of the action a trend,
doing so to the Business and other sections has long been a common practice.


So once again, after almost two years, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sunday Funnies will return (beginning February 10, 2019?) as a stand alone section.





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