Soup to Nutz Returns and other comic strip stuff


The Life and Times of Andrew Nutz

Rick Stromoski’s Soup To Nutz comic strip ended earlier this year.
Now Rick is bringing back the Nutz family as part of a Patreon page.

The star of the newly named Andrew’s Journal is the delightful Andrew.

As I wrote when I thought I wouldn’t see Andrew again:

Saying that the child Andrew is unique is probably understating it. Andrew may be singular in the history of comic strips. I can think of no character so purely innocent. The closest I can come is Walt Kelly’s small animal children; but even they could, and would, be mischievous and knew when they were being so. Andrew never has a malicious thought, not even a childishly impish one.

The strip was very enjoyable with the diverse personalities taking the reader in many directions, but Andrew was the highlight. And now you can read that innocent’s journal.

Go to Rick Stromoski’s Patreon page and become a Patron. Get original comission art, original comic strips. and more of Andrew!




New in your newspaper this week, if your newspaper is…

The Albuquerque Journal.

Readers of the Journal who are fans of the funnies will find a new comic strip, “Macanudo,” starting today on the first page of the Classifieds section, along with the ever-popular “Dilbert.”

“Macanudo” replaces “9 Chickweed Lane.”


The Sequin Gazette.

Nancy last walked the pages of The Seguin Gazette in the 1980s.
Starting in today’s issue, she’s back.

That’s all I know, the introduction is behind a paywall.




Inside the Mind of a Comic Creator Wins Emmy

Baldo co-creator and artist Carlos Castellanos didn’t win an Emmy, but his mind did.

The Suncoast Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recognized WLRN-TV with a Suncoast Regional Emmy Award for “Inside the Mind of a Comic Creator.”

“Inside the Mind of a Comic Creator,” submitted in the category of Interstitials, was produced by WLRN’s Mia Laurenzo and edited by Madeleine Edwina Lantigua. This short film features local Cuban born artist, Carlos Castellanos who is a freelance illustrator and co-creator of the comic strip Baldo.

WLRN-TV carries the story.




Comics Before Recorded History

Jonathan Lemon draws a bunch of Stone Age comic strip characters.

Including another look at his Alley Oop and a first look at Jonathan’s Ooola.




The Sailor Man

David Reddick with another Popeye panel!




Sew It Goes

Drifting a bit off-topic but King Features is ending Sew Simple.

King Features Syndicate is ending syndication of the one-time-per-week SEW SIMPLE column.

The final column will be for release date Dec. 30, 2018.

The column started as a local feature in 1959, it went national in 1960 with KFS.

Another part of newspaper history gone. Back in the day sewing patterns and sewing columns were an everyday, every paper feature. In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s every paper had a “Women’s Section” and every women’s section had a sewing feature. Don’t know if there are any others of this type (I haven’t seen any like it for ages) or if this is truly the end of an era.

To bring this back to comics here’s Jim Keefe on his 15 years illustrating Sew Simple.




A Jan Eliot Signing Sighting

My biggest signing of the year is Saturday! The Author Artist Faire at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene [Oregon] is this Saturday, December 8, from 10-5. I will have all titles that have not sold out, including my newest book, Privacy Is For Wussies.