More Cartoonists in the News


Mike Luckovich Talks Politics

…a lot of people now realize how fragile our democracy is…

ArtsATL interviews Mike Luckovich about editorial cartooning and The State of The Union.



From one side of the fence to the other.



Antonio Branco Talks Politics

I don’t shy away from the fact that I’m conservative…

Poynter gave Antonio Branco a call and talked editorial cartooning and The State of the Union.



Antonio Branco was picked up last month by the Creators Syndicate, whose roster includes Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonists Mike Luckovich and Michael Ramirez.

Well, since they mentioned Michael…



Michael Ramirez is too Negative

Come on, Mr. Ramirez. Help America and find something good.

Micheal Ramirez is now staff cartoonist at the Las Vegas Review-Journal
and one reader is not happy with the cartoonist’s attitude.



The Origins of Phil Hands (Career)

[Phil Hands] was only 16 when he began drawing editorial cartoons for the Grosse Pointe News.

The Grosse Pointe News reports on local boy that made good.



Cartooning With Steve Breen

…when you put hyper-provocative imagery in a cartoon, people stop thinking with their brains and let their emotions overpower them.

Steve Breen recently talked to a group at Point Loma Nazarene University.



From a current San Diego Union-Tribune cartoonist to a former one:



Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Hires New Cartoonist to Replace Rob Rogers

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on Steve Kelley joining the Post-Gazette staff.

(Sorry, reached my limit, so the story is behind a paywall for me.)

How come most of the news items on Steve Kelley joining the Post-Gazette are more about Rob Rogers than about Steve Kelley?

And how come I can’t find a self-caricature of Steve Kelley? *

* Jeff Parker, Steve Kelley’s partner on Dustin, supplied us with a self-caricature by Steve.
Jeff says its about 10 years old, but Steve ages at the rate of a Vulcan so it is still applicable.