Reports From the Olivia Jaimes/CXC Panel – update

Rocko Jerome was there (see comment below)!

Rocko, who is a freelance writer not an artist, so don’t let that above image scare you, gives a detailed (written) report of his attendance at the Olivia Jaimes panel at the CXC festival.

The moderator of the discussion was a woman named [Shena], the editor of Nancy on behalf of United Media, whom, as we learned, was the one who personally hired Ms.James. [Shena] was drawn once in one of the strips, and she looked about exactly as Olivia had depicted her.

Olivia appeared dressed in a sort of “Unabomber-chic” outfit consisting of a hoodie with a scarf, hat, and those slanted sunglasses that Kanye West used to wear. Only the lower half of her face was visible, and she wore purple lipstick… I won’t be breaking down any other details of her physical appearance or the cadence of her voice or anything else… I will say that she seems very young, under 25.

Among some gems Olivia shared (and now Rocko shares with us) is

– she doesn’t read the comments on the Nancy site

– her parents know she does the Nancy strip

– she gets “Sluggo is Lit” royalities

– she likes abstract and far-out ideas, but humor is integral

Read Rocko’s entire first person account.

Tom Spurgeon explains/apologizes for the Olivia panel room-switch,
which Rocko had mentioned in his appreciation of the event.


Tom Spurgeon checks in with R. Sikoryak‘s sketches of the Olivia Jaimes panel at CXC 2018.

All 5 pages at The Comics Reporter.


from October 1, 2018 – – –

The first report from the CXC panel featuring Olivia Jaimes has arrived!

Melanie Gillman, in true courtroom sketchbook fashion, reveals hidden secrets.

From Melanie’s Twitter account:

I sold out of books just in time to catch the Olivia Jaimes panel at CXC!
Here’s some doodles from her talk.



“Sheena,” by the way, is Shena Wolf – Senior Editor at Andrews McMeel who has helped recent comic strips such as Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Breaking Cat News, and Wallace the Brave to get syndicated into newspapers around the nation and the world. I would guess she was a major force in drafting “Olivia Jaimes” as the new Nancy cartoonist


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