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Terrific Terri Libenson

She sits at her desk in front of the tablet, picks up her stylus and begins to fill in the panels of a comic strip that will be printed six months from now.

Her stylus flows effortlessly across the screen, brush strokes creating one character’s hair in long swooping strokes. One woman’s frown is quickly erased and replaced with an upbeat turn of the mouth. Dialogue boxes are drawn, erased and redrawn in rapid succession.

“I always struggle to make wine glasses symmetrical,” Libenson admits.

As she tinkers with those wine glasses, Libenson can’t help but smile. She is exactly where she wants to be: in her home, surrounded by her family, creating her art.

Cleveland Magazine* has a great feature article on the wonderful Terri Libenson and her career as comic strip creator, book author, and family matriarch.

“Sometimes I’m at the mercy of deadlines,” says Libenson. “Whatever is due next takes priority, whether that is a book deadline, the comics or a parental responsibility.”

* When I see Cleveland and cartoonist together my mind immediately goes to NEA, but The Pajama Diaries is from KFS.



Community Comments

#1 Jeff Parker
@ 12:33 pm

SIX MONTHS!!? I can’t keep ahead SIX WEEKS! You’re killing me, Terri.

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 8:19 pm

I’m between 7 and 9 months ahead of publication date with my two comics. Better get to it, Jeff ;)

Big thumbs up for Terri! Loving how her graphic novels came out!

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