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Some Quick Hits from the Past Week

Bob Montana’s Archie

A bronze statue of comic book and comic strip character Archie, with a plaque honoring Bob Montana, was dedicated in Mededith, N.H. August 9, 2018. TV station WMUR filmed the unveiling. The Charlotte Observer carried a short AP piece.



Cartoonist Becomes Editor

Long time Big Valley cartoonist Marc Lutz has taken a job as editor of The Calavaras Enterprise on the east side of the valley. Cartooning fans in the area know Marc as creator of “Can Hed Comix” for The Stockton Record and “Ducks in Lodi” for The Lodi Sentinel. His current comic strip is “The Wretched Mile”.



New Disney Comic Strip Collection Exclusive to Target

Walmart and DC Comics recently set up an exclusive distribution package, Target has countered with Disney Princesses exclusives. Among the items are a number of comic strip collections.

Today, Disney announced the new Disney Princess Comics line.

In this first line, Joe Books will produce a series of hardcover graphic novels featuring Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Pocahontas, and Jasmine. The collection of “bite-sized comic strip stories” that focus on the characters’ day-to-day lives is by cartoonist and illustrator Amy Mebberson.



In Alex Raymond and Al Williamson’s Footsteps

Between Alex Raymond and Al Williamson there were a few cartoonists who worked the Secret Agent X-9/Corrigan comic strip, after Williamson there was George Evans. Steve Stiles, via the Jim Keefe blog, has posted an amended biography of Mr. Evans.

Flash Gordon was famously first drawn by Alex Raymond. In the 1960s Al Williamson famously drew Flash in comic books and Union Carbide ads. Among the artists that followed Williamson on the comic books was comic strip artist Al McWilliams, here, courtesy of Monster Magazine World, is an unpublished Flash Gordon story from 1982.



Happy 94th Birthday to an Animation Legend

Cartoon Brew celebrates Gene Deitch’s birthday.



Roz Chast Profile

The Battleboro Reformer showcases Roz Chast before her presentation tonight.



Books and Libraries

The other day I picked up the 1st grader from school, she had made a book about libraries as a project. She told me about it and read it to me, and I proudly showed her my library cards. Got home and among the internet thingies was this GoComics list for book lovers. So I’m sharing the synchronicity.

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