Jen Sorenson Launches Subscription Service

In the tangy and delicious honeycomb mold of Tom the Dancing Bug’s Inner Hive subscription model, Herblock-Prize and RFK Journalism-Award winning editorial cartoonist Jen Sorenson has announced the launch of the “Sorenson Subscription Service” or “S.S.S.”

From Jen’s site: 

Those who join the S.S.S. (which may eventually take on a more novel name — The Eagle’s Clutch, anyone?) will, at an absolute minimum, receive the cartoon via email each week as soon as it is ready for consumption. I have big plans to include bonus material, such as behind-the-scenes glimpses of the creative process and photos of what I’m up to. You’ll also stay in the loop regarding public appearances, side projects, and forthcoming books.

There are three different ways to subscribe: half-year ($10), yearly ($20) and “High Roller” ($50).

Break a leg, Jen!