Mike Holmes’ True Story becomes Real, Dumb

For six years, from 2007 – 2013, cartoonist Mike Holmes contributed
“True Story” to the Halifax alternative newspaper The Coast.
It adapted reader stories into a weekly comic strip.

Now he has revived and reworked the concept into a regular feature
for the new (improved?) Mad magazine as “Real, Dumb.”

About the new feature: “That title also gives it more of a focus than
True Story, which was about anything and everything,” says Holmes.
“For True Story I wanted sad stories, I wanted joyous stories, or when
something incredible happened to you. With Real, Dumb, it’s more like,
‘When were you an idiot? When were you the biggest moron you’ve ever
been in your life? Could you share that with the world and put it in our hands?’”


Mad taps Canadian cartoonist Mike Holmes for “True Story”–style comic

The Coast has an archive of the True Story comic strip at

As for the new Real, Dumb…
you’ll have to buy Mad #1, now on newsstands everywhere.