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Atena Farghadani sentenced to 12 years for depicting Iranian leaders as goats

I mentioned Atena Farghadani back in May. She’s an Iranian activist, artist who depicted certain Iranian leaders as goats after they passed legislation restricting birth control. That led to an arrest, a hunger-strike and a heart attack.

Now she’s been sentenced to 12 years for ?gathering and colluding against national security?, ?insulting members of parliament through paintings?, ?spreading propaganda against the system?, ?insulting the President? and ?insulting the Iranian Supreme Leader?. Read details at Cartoonist Network Rights International.

She has 20 days to appeal. There is an effort by Amnesty International to bring attention to this case as well as encourage individuals to write both their US representatives and leaders of Iran. Go here to get information about the case as well as contact information where you can send your communication.

Community Comments

#1 Karsten Schley
@ 1:15 am

I remember an image from the demonstrations in Paris in January – there was a pen and the caption “This machines kills fascists.”
I only hope that Amnesty International will help Atena.

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