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Weird Al issue of MAD on shelves

'Weird Al' Talks About Editing MAD Magazine | Bryan Young

There’s a lot of positive press surrounding the release of this last issue of MAD Magazine with Weird Al as the guest editor. National Cartoonist Society President Tom Richmond as the run-down on who contributed to the issue.

IGN has a nice interview with Al and MAD Editor-in-Chief John Ficarra.

IGN: [Laughs] Al, you said you’re a lifelong MAD Magazine fan. What’s your earliest MAD Magazine memory?

Weird Al: I remember in elementary school, some kids were passing around a Don Martin paperback, so that may have been my first exposure to MAD.

The first issue that I ever read was issue #130, which was the October 1969 issue. One of the guys in my accordion school happened to have that issue and lent it to me. That was pretty much it. That really opened up my eyes, because I had never seen that kind of irreverent humor before. It was a whole different kind of comedy. Something about it really spoke to me.

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