RC Harvey’s obit on Roy Doty

I really enjoyed RC Harvey’s obit on Roy Doty over at The Comics Journal.

Doty, too, was unadulterated. But not silent. In declining health since suffering a stroke late last year, he died March 18, defiant, I like to think, to the very end.

He was 93. He always scoffed at the idea of retirement. ?Retire from what?? he?d say. ?You have to have a job first.?

He was a proud freelancer and had been all his working life. ?I have an unblemished work record,? he?d say. ?I have never held a job in my life, and I intend to keep it that way.? He was a cartoonist, artist and illustrator, creating humorous pictures in books and magazines, packaging, advertising, comic strips and television.

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