Profiled: Dave Coverly and his new book Dogs are People Too

Speed Bump creator Dave Coverly has a new book out called “Dogs Are People, Too: A Collection of Cartoons to Make Your Tail Wag“.

From The Ann Arbor News

Though Coverly found plenty of material, he assumed that he’d need to find a “small, boutique-y publisher” for the book. But then an editor at Macmillen threw him a bone – ahem – by asking to see his book proposal and, in short order, bought it.

“Pretty much what I did was, I submitted every dog cartoon from ‘Speed Bump’ and Parade, and I also wrote little snippets about just about every dog I’ve ever owned or lived with. They’re scattered throughout the book, with photos. It’s kind of a crossover book, so it can be for kids or adults, and there are bits about famous dogs throughout history. Just occasional stuff to break it up so it’s not just cartoon, cartoon, cartoon.”

I love Dave’s work. I’ll be making a book purchase today for sure.

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