Chris Browne publishes children’s book for South Dakota

I know a lot of newspaper cartoonists have migrated into the children’s books, so Hagar the Horrible cartoonist Chris Browne’s story isn’t unique in any way. I just enjoyed the off the cuff approach he took to pitching the book.

By the time he was out the door, Browne had the whole storyline mapped out in his mind. He arrived 15 minutes early, and as he stood at the front doorway of the festival he saw the South Dakota Historical Society table to his left.

?I thought, I have a few minutes…?

Nancy Tystad-Koupal, editor and publisher, was approached by Browne and soon found herself in the middle of his pitch.

?As I stood there, I got the part where the monster goes to eat famous landmarks and I suddenly realized I didn?t really know that many of the landmarks yet. I knew Wall Drug, but I didn?t know many of the other things since we?ve only been here a few years,? he laughed.

One thought on “Chris Browne publishes children’s book for South Dakota

  1. It’s a blessing for children of all ages that this national treasure of ours called Chris Browne, has written a children’s book. I can’t wait to see it.

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