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Check out GoComics for most award-winning cartoonists

I’m happy to present GoComics for a third and final week of sponsorship for The Daily Cartoonist. It’s probably not a hard stretch of the imagination to understand that GoComics, being the largest comic portal on the internet, is the home to the most number of award-winning cartoonists. For instance, this year’s recipient of The Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year is Wiley Miller. He’s on GoComics. So are 20 other Reuben Award winners: Scott Adams (UU), Bill Amend (UU), Pat Brady (UU), Al Capp (UU), Dave Coverly (Creators), Brian Crane (Washington Post Writers Group), Jim Davis (UU), Greg Evans (UU), Cathy Guisewite (UU), Johnny Hart (Creators), Lynn Johnston (UU), Mell Lazarus (Creators), Mike Luckovich (Creators), Wiley Miller (UU), Pat Oliphant (UU), Brant Parker (Creators), Charles Schulz (UU), Richard Thompson (UU), Gary Trudeau (UU), Bill Watterson (UU),, and formerly syndicated Gary Larson?s (The Far Side).

That’s a very strong list of talent. And they’re all on GoComics. Head over and check it out. You an also subscribe and get your favorite comics emailed to you each day.

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