Harry Bliss becomes Sendak Fellow

New Yorker cartoonist and Bliss creator Harry Bliss has been named as a 2014 Sendak Fellow. The Fellowship is a residency program for artists “to nurture the talents of artists who tell stories will illustration”. The Fellowship gives recipients five weeks of country isolation to complete their work. It’s named after notable illustrator Maurice Sendak.

From Seven Days VT:

During his five-week stay at Scotch Hill Farm, Bliss intends to work on the illustrations for a graphic novel written by the author Ray Negron. That book, to be published by Penguin Books, is based on the true story of a young boy who is caught “tagging” Yankee Stadium in the 1970s. Instead of having the boy arrested, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner took the boy under his wing, Bliss says, offering him a job as a batboy; he still works for the Yankees to this day.

“It’s a great story, a very inspiring story,” says Bliss.