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Stripped promotion kicks in to high gear – how you can help

Today, Dave Kellett and Fred Schroeder will be on MSNBC’s The Cycle to talk about their feature documentary Stripped (3:30ET/12:30PT).

On his blog, Dave tells a bit about everything he’s doing to promote the launch of the film on April 1. I’m sure he’s got several goals/objectives, but one that we can all help with is to help make Stripped the #1 film on iTunes on day one (April 1). Think of how much visibility and promotion that generates to a wider audience. The film will also be available from other sources.

From Dave’s blog:

Also: Just in case you were wondering…the film will indeed be available on places other than iTunes. It’ll be on DVD (DRM-Free), on VHX (DRM-free), and on Google Play — all starting April 2nd.

But we’re making a big push to be the #1 film on iTunes for ONE DAY: April 1st. So if you have a U.S. iTunes account, I’d love love love for you to help us out! Any purchase of the film on or before April 1st helps the cause.

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#1 Frank M Hansen
@ 2:15 pm

Done. Just pre-ordered it on iTunes. Can’t wait to see it.

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