Check out Daniel Boris’s Dozi the Alligator

This week’s sponsor is the talented Daniel Boris, creator of Hoxwinder Hall. Hoxwinder Hall was voted a top-5 finalist in Washington Post’s “America’s Next Great Cartoonist” contest back in 2010 and is now in syndication through Ink Bottle Syndicate.

Daniel is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his children’s book Dozi the Alligator based on his Dozi character in his strip. The story follows how Dozi meets Byron Hoxwinder, the other main character in the comic strip. The 20 full-color page book is written by Daniel and illustrated by Nicola Sammarco.

The Kickstarter campaign hit full-funded status in its first three days and still has three weeks to go. Daniel has a great set of incentives/rewards for those who contribute to the campaign with some cool stretch goals as well. Head over and check it out!

Here’s the campaign video:

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