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Podcast: Episode 197 ? Stephan Pastis World Tour 2014

Tom Racine’s latest Tall Tale Radio podcast episode is now available. Head over to GoComics and give it a listen. In this episode:

Episode 197 – Stephan Pastis World Tour 2014

“Pearls Before Swine” mastermind Stephan Pastis is off on another world tour to give talks, meet the fans, and to sign the new “Pearls” book “Pearls Falls Fast,” and his latest Timmy Failure book,  “Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done.”  We talk about life on the road, how NOT to endear yourself to theme-park patrons, and other assorted ramblings!

Community Comments

#1 Sandy Johansen
@ 9:50 am

Are you going to be ANYWHERE NEAR Little Rock, AR, Hot Springs, AR,

There are many of “us” retired folks in Hot Springs Village that just LOVE your work.

I especially love the songs/puns as the one in today’s paper, Sunday – April 6th. Are you as strange as you seem? I certainly hope so. Do you think in reverse?

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