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India to boycott South Africa because of Zapiro cartoon?


India Times reports that several organizations are calling for a boycott of South Africa by the Indian cricket team because of a cartoon by Sunday Times editorial cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (“Zapiro”). The cartoon features Cricket South Africa CEO about to be sacrificed on an alter in front of the Indian god Ganesha (labeled Indian Cricket Board holding cash and a baseball bat).

Pillay said the representatives unanimously agreed to take several steps at the meeting.

The first is a boycott of the newspaper for its refusal to apologise for what the meeting said was “the demeaning and blasphemous manner and its reluctance to seek an apology from Jonathan Shapiro, the cartoonist who had insulted all who believe in Lord Ganesha internationally”.

The second step is to approach the Indian High Commissioner to get the Indian government and the BCCI to cancel the tour of the Indian team to South Africa.

Both Zapiro and his paper have refused to apologize.

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