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Last week of #fundTDC: Jeff MacNelly original up for grabs

This year’s Fund The Daily Cartoonist has been amazing. The support from those donating money to the campaign for a better The Daily Cartoonist has been overwhelming. I’ve had terrific support from generous individuals and companies that have offered their original artwork, books, sketches and products to be given away as incentives and perks. It’s been wonderful. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support for the blog. I can’t wait to get the new site out the door.

But here is the big news. Susie MacNelly has offered an original Jeff MacNelly Shoe to a future donor of the blog. I did this last week with another MacNelly original and it was scooped up in one hour.

Without question, Jeff is one of the all time great cartoonists of the 20th century. He was honored with a Pulitzer Prize three times; twice recognized by his peers as Cartoonist of the Year (The National Cartoonists Society) and a string of other awards too long to mention.

Here are the details on how you can own this original MacNelly Shoe. On Thursday, Nov 14 at noon (MST), I will be adding the original as a perk at a donation level of $1,000. Each day the perk goes unclaimed, I will drop the donation level by $50. In essence, each day the original “price” decreases, but the chance of someone claiming it before you increases. How long can you wait?

The campaign closes on 11:59pm PT on November 20th. If no one claims the original for $700, this one goes back into the vault. (But I really doubt it will be available on the last day.)

Click below to see a larger version:

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