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Bizarro, Family Circus, FoxTrot, Garfield, Rhymes with Orange Speedbump to crossover into Jumble puzzle

Starting next Monday, the JUMBLE puzzle will feature Guest Jumblers: Bizarro (Dan Piraro), FoxTrot (Bill Amend), Family Circus (Jeff Keane), Garfield (Jim Davis), , Rhymes with Orange (Hilary Price), and Speedbump (Dave Coverly).

When Jumble artist Jeff Knurek invited some of his cartoon heroes to the Jumble space, Davis was happy to oblige. “Incorporating Garfield into one of my favorite puzzles was a temptation too great to resist!” Davis said. The cartoonists developed their own puns and word scrambles for the Jumble, which is a morning tradition for millions. “All I know is that, every time I see a Jumble, I have to stop and solve it – no matter what,” Davis said.

Knurek and his Jumble partner David L. Hoyt thought readers would appreciate the guest cast of characters. “David and I know that the Jumble is such an iconic puzzle that has been a part of millions of people’s daily lives that we thought readers would be thrilled to have some of the most talented and funny cartoonists share in that piece of Americana,” Knurek said.

Jumble is seen in over 600 newspapers.

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#1 Gerry Mooney
@ 4:57 pm

This is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing some of them!

#2 Joe Engesser
@ 4:38 am


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