Clay Jones to return to Freelance-Star

Editorial cartoonist Clay Jones, who was laid off from the Freelance-Star in 2012 due to budget cuts, is set to return to his former paper this Sunday as a freelance cartoonist. Clay will be contributing a weekly local cartoon to the Sunday edition and a cartoon on the topic of his choosing for the online edition. Clay once said he’d never freelance for his former paper, but due to “a change in editors, editorial and top editor who I know well and respect very much”, he’s excited to return to cartooning.

From Clay:

For me, this “gig” isn’t as much of a big deal as the fact I’m going to start cartooning again. I’ve missed it so much and I’ve watched so many juicy issues go by. I’ve also missed a lot of opportunities to totally blast some people. I can’t wait to get going again. I’ve also missed writing a blog and can’t wait to resume that again also.

Clay will also do a cartoon caption contest and live blog the upcoming election night focused on the governor’s race.

3 thoughts on “Clay Jones to return to Freelance-Star

  1. Wow! I am so happy to hear about the return of Clay Jones! The ‘toons and weekly Cartoon Caption Contest has been greatly missed and I’m looking forward to my husband winning some more originals to join our others on our “Clay Jones Wall of Shame” 😉 I guess it’s also time for me to restart our Freelance- Star subscription.

  2. Yea! I’ve really missed Clay’s cartoons and the blog. I wish more cartoonists did blogging on a regular basis. I enjoy seeing drafts posted, too, which Clay did often. Welcome back!

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