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London Sketch #3

I’m not getting as much blogging time as I had anticipated, but I’m having fun here in London.

The food has been excellent with perhaps the exception of the “Full English Breakfast” which includes a boiled tomato, beans, eggs, bacon (ham) and a couple of sausage links.


Community Comments

#1 John Auchter
@ 6:46 am

What, no black pudding? I’m pretty sure nobody actually eats that….

#2 Karyl Miller
@ 12:28 pm

Love love love this style of drawing! I wish I was this good.

#3 Robert Gidley
@ 2:58 pm

Yeah, and some places you can even get Spagetti-O’s with breakfast! (Although the Brits call them “pasta o’s” because they were never exposed to Mr. Boy-ar-dee.)

#4 Mike Rhode
@ 5:43 pm

Those breakfasts can be rough. Sometimes you can get dry cereal at them. My wife loved the strong tea though. Hope you’re having a great time. Check out the Cartoon Art Museum by the British Museum if you haven’t yet.

#5 Frank M Hansen
@ 5:45 pm

Nice sketch.

#6 Alan Gardner
@ 6:01 pm

@Mike, I looked for the cartoon museum while I was over by the British Museum on Monday, but couldn’t find it. If I have time tomorrow, I hope to be back in that area and I’ll look for it again.

#7 Karsten Schley
@ 1:53 am

Alan, your sketches are hilarious!

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