Daryl Cagle blocked from Facebook after re-posting Iranian cartoon

Daryl Cagle was blocked from Facebook for 12 hours after re-posting a cartoon (see above) from Iranian cartoonist Kianoush Ramezani. The cartoon which depicts nudity violates Facebook’s terms of agreement.

He writes:

My buddy, cartoonist Kianoush Ramezani, an Iranian cartoonist who escaped from probable imprisonment by the Iranian Regime and was given asylum in France, posted this funny cartoon that was censored by Facebook (Facebook also blocked his account for 12 hours). I thought I would post it on Facebook too, and sure enough, they censored my posting too. The cartoons is below. It makes me laugh, and it makes a religious/political point that I would expect, from Kianoush’s point of view. See my buddy Kianoush here.

I’ve been blocked from Facebook for the next twelve hours. Ouch!

Why cartoonists post cartoons depicting nudity on Facebook and then express surprise when Facebook blocks their account is beyond me. That said, since my blog posts are re-posted on The Daily Cartoonist’s Facebook page, this cartoon may get me blocked me as well. If it does, expect me to post my surprise and liberal use of the word “censorship”.

4 thoughts on “Daryl Cagle blocked from Facebook after re-posting Iranian cartoon

  1. Agreed. And I might summon a little sympathy if the joke made a point other than “beards and pubic hair look a lot alike!”

    Not exactly the kind of courageous, breakthrough commentary I’d go to the wall for.

  2. I agree the cartoon doesn’t do anything worthy of commentary.

    What I understand even less is Daryl’s surprise. I know Daryl and he’s a smart guy. He’s an advocate and a marketer of cartoons. That means he knows the layout, landscape and market for what he’s selling.

    Writing that made me understand Daryl’s surprise. Daryl is not surprised and he totally understands the market. Posting something on facebook then having your account blocked and promoting an article about that is great marketing. Did I say Daryl is a smart guy?

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