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Voice of Charlie Brown pleads guilty; may get 3 years

Last January, the Daily Mail reported that Peter Robbins, the man who voiced Charlie Brown in the Peanuts tv shows, pled not guilty to charges of stalking a girlfriend and her plastic surgeon. The Daily Mail is now reporting that Robbins has now pled guilty. He will be sentenced next month and could get up to three years in prison.

The backstory appears to go something like this: Robbins pays for girlfriend’s breast enhancements; relationship goes south; he threatens the girlfriend and the plastic surgeon; from the girlfriend he wants his car and dog back; from the surgeon a refund on the money.

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 11:33 am

And he wants her to stop dying her hair red.

#2 Pete McDonnell
@ 11:38 am

Charlie Brown’s gotta get his dog back, at least.

#3 Philip Taterczynski
@ 11:47 am

Last time I checked, the simple past tense of “to plead” was “pled” (although “pleaded” is also used in England).

#4 Daniel Boris
@ 12:15 pm

Good grief.

#5 Justin Riley
@ 12:55 pm

This makes me think of the Pearl’s grown-up Jeffy. Pastis may be tempted by the storyline. Don’t do it Stephen! It’s too cruel.

#6 Terry LaBan
@ 12:10 pm

You blockhead!

#7 Jim Lavery
@ 3:49 pm

bwaamp bwaaamp bwammmp bwwamp bwaaaaaaaaaamp

#8 Nolan Galloway
@ 1:14 pm

Charlie Brown will NOT do well in prison.

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