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Video: Robert Ariail accepting the 2012 Berryman Award

I missed the announcement last December that Robert Ariail had won the Berryman Award for Editorial Cartooning. The National Press Foundation has posted his acceptance speech.

Community Comments

#1 Frank M Hansen
@ 2:38 pm

Thanks for posting this. I just wish so many of these great artist/humorist were not losing their jobs.

#2 Steve Artley
@ 3:47 am

Nicely done, Robert. A belated congratulations.

#3 Robert Ariail
@ 3:31 pm

Thanks, Steve!

#4 Mike Keefe
@ 9:32 am

Nice job, Robert. And congratulations!

#5 Robert Ariail
@ 10:07 am

Thanks, Mike! It was a fun evening. The treat for me was meeting Frank Deford, the legendary sports writer and essayist for NPR.

#6 Robert Ariail
@ 10:19 am

Mike, I meant to add I enjoyed meeting your editor, Greg Moore, as well. Hit him up for a job, too (not likely, though.)

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