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Newspaper forgets to print comics, no hilarity ensues

The Free Press, (Mankato, MN) had to deal with an onslaught of customers (who may or may not have had their morning coffee) after it was discovered that they didn’t print or insert the comics in their February 27th paper.

I don?t mean to be defensive here. But when we make mistakes, like everyone does in every occupation, it?s on 20,000 copies of newsprint. That?s just the way it is. We apologize, square our shoulders, and try to do better tomorrow. At least we don?t send people home with scars from an attempt to take out a kidney stone that was in the other kidney. (True story for one of my nephews.)

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 12:10 pm

I think it was worth happening so we could hear of a printing error being dismissed by bringing up a botched kidney operation. I’m tucking that away for future use.

#2 Gerry Mooney
@ 12:38 pm

I’m definitely using that kidney story.

#3 Joe Engesser
@ 7:50 pm

The Comic Free Press?

#4 Mike Peterson
@ 4:01 am

Wonder if the Free Press is one of those small papers that has gone to printing off site? I don’t think the backshop would have let this screwup get off the presses at the small papers where I worked — but at the papers where I worked and we shipped to a third-party for printing? Yeah — Load’em up and crank’em out. It could happen.

She admits the comics aren’t her responsibility, which buttresses my long-time contention that editors don’t give a damn about them as long as they don’t make the phones ring. This was actually advertising’s error — they lay out the paper before the news gets put on the pages. Editors no more check the comics than they would check the classifieds or a full-page furniture ad.

#5 ernest j. jackson
@ 12:22 pm

mayhap this is merely a test to see if anyone reads the comics. the editor is considering dropping the comic section, and to see how many notice it missing, this was a test. == if no one screams murders, then no one cares.

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