Stephen Colbert on George W. Bush’s paintings: ‘faces are hard’

Of the former president George W. Bush’s paintings that were made public by a hacker, Stephen Colbert [makes this great one-liner critique: “That is a bold, artistic vision that says ‘faces are hard.’](”

Maybe Bush should have taken up cartooning.

6 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on George W. Bush’s paintings: ‘faces are hard’

  1. These paintings look to me like they were done a person who can’t come clean.

    Sorry George, that stink will last as long as the vets of your misguided wars continue suffering.

  2. But wait, didn’t the the lightbringer, our father (according to Chris Rock), say he was going to immediately get us out of both wars and close Gitmo? Does he get a bit of your stink also?
    Oh but wait, all the anti-war tripe ended the moment he came into office, so I can only assume the current prez gets a pass?

  3. Do you mean Chris (I can’t fulfill my mission behind stone walls, I have to be accessable to the people of Libya) Stevens?

    I guess taking one’s world view as a reaction to Chris Rock quote is a valid starting point for sniveling.

  4. Take your political arguments elsewhere. This is a CARTOONISTS discussion forum, not a soapbox for your political opinions. I, for one, am really tired of this kind of stuff taking up space here.

  5. That bit on Colbert reminded me of a great skit on SNL when the Unibomber was caught and they interviewed the sketch artist who did the drawing that “helped” cath him. Norm McDonald played the artist. When the interviewer asked him why he drew him with sunglasses on, Norm replies “”eyes are hard, so I always draw dark shades on everybody.” Same with the hat… “hair is hard”… That artist’s sketch was a punchline already. Hilarious.

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