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Charlie Brown voice actor pleads not guilty to stalking

From the Daily Mail:

The actor who portrayed the voice of Charlie Brown in Peanuts television shows has appeared in court charged with stalking his former girlfriend and a plastic surgeon who gave her a breast enhancement he apparently didn’t like.

Shackled in chains, Peter Robbins pleaded not guilty at the San Diego Superior Court yesterday to two counts of stalking and 10 counts of making criminal threats.

Good grief.

Community Comments

#1 Steve Skelton
@ 12:06 pm

Oh sure, tell that to the Great Pumpkin!

#2 Joe Engesser
@ 12:55 pm

Mastrophobia? THAT’S IT!!!

#3 Brian Basset
@ 4:26 pm

He told the doctor to make them Great Pumpkins. Apparently the doctor didn’t know the difference between gourds and melons, so great cantaloupes is all his girlfriend got.

#4 Mark Mason
@ 6:23 pm

He was disappointed with the pear.

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