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Tom Richmond offering personal caricature with Artist Edition of The Mad Art of Caricature

The Mad Art of Caricature! A Serious Guide to drawing Funny Faces
From Tom Richmond:

For all those who have written me over the years asking if I do personal commissions, looking for a caricature of themselves or their family/friends … now’s your chance! I’ll draw one as part of a Limited Artist’s Edition of my book, The Mad Art of Caricature! A Serious Guide to drawing Funny Faces, just in time for the holidays!

This Limited Artist’s Edition will be limited to 120 editions, and will feature the following:

A handsome, hand-numbered bookplate on the inside front cover (see above)! signed (and personalized as directed by you) by the author (me)! a pen and ink caricature of YOU or the PERSON OF YOUR CHOICE, drawn by the author (again, me) from photos you send me!

Okay, this makes my autographed copy seem, well, unspectacular. Maybe I could use it under my drafting table to stop the wobbling.

So in order of magicalness: Get the Artist Edition ($75), or the autographed edition ($24), or the just the facts, ma’am edition) from Amazon.

Either way, this is a must-have book for any cartoonist. Should be standard issue with a bottle of ink and a croquill pen.

Community Comments

#1 Joe Engesser
@ 11:53 am

Are you KIDDING me?! Gonna take advantage of this outrageous, once in a lifetime offer before Mr. Richmond changes his mind! The book ITSELF is worth 75 bucks.

#2 Brian Conradsen
@ 7:27 pm

Its a great book Tom.

One good read through your book, and you’ve made yourself redundant.

So who sensibly, needs your drawings?

Hang in there guys, read the book first.




#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:10 pm

Great book, great offer. Very clever Mr. Richmond. ;)

#4 Kevin Decker
@ 2:09 pm

Tom drew a caricature of me in his book as part of the Tall Tales radio fundraiser and it’s fantastic.

I am very happy with the results and everyone I show it to gets a good laugh. Although when I try to explain who Tom Richmond is and why this is so awesome they kind of just glaze over. Oh well.

Let me also point out that this isn’t just a thumbnail sketch. The drawing takes up half the page. Definitely worth the money.

#5 Jason Nocera
@ 2:18 pm

I wish I knew about this option before I bought the regular edition. Ah, well.

#6 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:08 pm

The subject is of his Artist Edition on Tom’s blog is one handsome fellow I must say.

Jason, gift your book to another artist and get Tom to draw a caricature of Axl Rose in your Artist Edition. :-)

#7 Mike Lester
@ 8:39 am

Tom, After driving 3 hrs. to sub for you on local Nashville NBC (-they cancelled 5 min. before I got to Watkins) -AND for pinch-hitting your dog/pony on Sat., (I was great but my caricatures tend to be tiny head big body) -for said inconvenience I’d like my entire family drawn. (Going to be tough: I’m from the South and have a couple of two headed cousins.)

btw: If you haven’t held this book in your hands it’s not only beautiful but comprehensive, thorough, almost clinical and reminded me why I’ll never be a caricaturist.

#8 Tom Richmond
@ 1:51 pm

Thanks for the shout out, Alan!

Mike- I’d be afraid that if I drew Regan and she didn’t like it, she’d kick my ass.

#9 Fran Deppen
@ 3:35 pm

I bought the autographed version with the original sketch of Alfred E. Neuman before the personal caricature option was available. But it worked out fine since it’s my good fortune to resemble Alfred E. Neuman.

This is an inspiring book!

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