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Interviewed: Rick Kirkman on Baby Blues and the new BBXX collection

The Arizona Republic, which also happens to be the hometown paper for Baby Blues co-creator Rick Kirkman, interviewed him about the 20 years of Baby Blues and the new 20 year collection book BBXX: Baby Blues Decades 1 & 2.

Q: How does the partnership work?

A: The official titles are that Jerry is the writer and I’m the illustrator, but it’s a little blurry in the middle. Jerry is also a cartoonist, and we’re able to edit each other really well. And at the time the strip started, I was the only one that had kids, so much of it was based on my own family. Eventually Jerry had kids, too, so it became kind of easier for him to relate to the strip.

BBXX: Baby Blues: The First Two Decades

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#1 Daniel Boris
@ 10:29 am

20 years is a monumental run. Congrats Jerry and Rick!

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