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Steve Kelley and David Fitzsimmons to debate for hearts and minds in Tucson

This Thursday Arizona Daily Star editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons will debate former New Orleans Times Picayune editorial cartoonist Steve Kelley in a contest called “Win, Lose or Draw: Cartoon Humor in Campaigns”.

Here’s a bit of the pre-debate trash talk:

Steve Kelley regarding David Fitzsimmons:

People of Tucson, pity David Fitzsimmons. The poor man is scheduled to speak – in public – on behalf of President Obama’s first four years in office. Let’s face it, the Captain and Tennille produced records that are easier to defend.

David Fitzsimmons regarding Steve Kelley:

The only thing that pains a cartoonist more than saying something positive about a politician is debating a cartoonist who is a snappy dresser.

If Tucson wasn’t 14+ hours away, I’d attend.

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